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Healed to Heal: Matters of the Heart

This workshop is about a journey with the Lord as we welcome Him into our lives in a deeper way. I believe God is reaching for our hearts so that we can be conformed and transformed into the image and character of Christ. This class is designed to instruct, bring healing, and ultimately turn our heart to Father God.

In Christ our spirit man has become a new creation, however our mind, will, and emotions do not always agree with our salvation experience. When we walk in our salvation the opportunity for glorious, wonderful works and revelation are continuously available to us. Jesus came so that we would have life and have it more abundantly. His main goal was to restore us to a relationship with Father God. It is important to understand the life in Christ is not pain free. Trails, temptations, and tribulation are part of spreading the salvation message to all parts of the earth. Proverbs 4:23 reads, "Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flows the springs of life." In this course we want to discover some of these "springs of Life".

Topics to be covered:

Biblical Basis of Counseling

Understanding the Heart

How we see God/ Identification of Love

Ministry of Restitution: A Matter of Trust

Performance Orientation

Parental Inversion

Truth or Consequence

Rightly Handling Emotions

 A Time to Mature: Putting into Practice

Healing the Wounded Heart

This workshop is about what happens to an individual who are been deeply wounded and rejected. Charles Solomon, a Christian author, reports that 98% of Christians have their identity in the roots and fruit of rejection and woundedness.

Rejection is the most common wound we all experience. We will discuss the origins of our rejection and how healing comes from the cross of Jesus Christ. Bob Sorge said, "The Cross is God's balancing stick, if you are not sure that a certain teaching emphasis is properly balanced, examine it through the lens of the Cross. The Cross is the surest antidote to theological weirdness. All healing must come by the way of the Cross."

Topics covered in the Workshop:

What is wounding? 

What is Shame? Discussing the Shame Game

Definition of Rejection and how rejection comes in "3's"

Man's four basic emotional needs

The most common causes of Wounding and Characteristics

Attitudes that are developed by rejection and woundedness

How wounding can affect our Spiritual Life

Relationship between our body, soul and spirit

The road to healing

Marriage Madness: Developing a Vision for a Championship Marriage

This workshop will help you and your spouse set course and direction to move forward in your marriage. We will explore what a vision is and the benefits of having a marriage vision. We will provide you with tools to help fulfill the dreams and desires that are in your heart for your marriage.

Finally, husband and wife will articulate and write out a vision for what they want their marriage to become. Workshop is designed to be interactive with many activities.

Topics covered in the Workshop:

Vision for your marriage

Looking at Reality

Redeeming the Past

Balancing the Present

Inspiring Hope for the Future

Core Values

Time for Action


This workshop is adopted from the book, Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. This workshop is about developing healthy boundaries in order to maintain healthy relationships. Many will discover painful realities about their lives, the family they grew up in, present relationships, addictive behaviors, and codependency. One will be challenged to accept personal responsibility and ownership in order to experience new freedom. This course is for those already in healthy situations who would like to have a better sense of "yes" and "no" as well as those who are in great need of setting healthy boundaries.

Topics in this workshop;

What is a Boundary?

Problems and Symptoms

Laws of Boundaries, Part 1

Laws of Boundaries, Part 2

The Myths about Boundaries

A Course of Recovery

Resistances to Boundaries

Boundaries and Yardsticks


Experiencing the Father's Embrace

We were created by love, in love, and to receive love and to give love away to others we meet. God is love (I John 4:7) and He has called us by His son Jesus to abide in Him and follow in   His footsteps. However, many people have difficulty dwelling in a deep abiding relationship with God. They know about Him; they have read about Him or know what others have told them. For many they have an intellectual understanding of his power and gifts, but have our encounters with Him transformed our marriages, our parenting, and our relationships with others or are we still insecure with love and intimacy? This workshop teaches us to experience God's love in such a way that we are truly transformed.

Topics of this workshop:

You are Father's Happy Thought

You Were Created for Love

The Prodigal Father

The Son willing to become a Slave

The Mother Heart of Father God

Father Issues

Would You Rather Be Right or Have Relationship?

Walking in the Light

Walking in the Spirit

Abiding in Love

Turn your Mess into a Message

This workshop is written to bring hope to myriads of people who are thinking or have had thoughts that their lives are to messed up to believe God can still use them. This is where the good news of the gospel has come to mankind that he is a redeeming God. We were created with 4 basic emotional needs: unconditional Love, security, value, and purpose. Discovering one's purpose and how God works out our salvation is one of the main tenets of this workshop. This workshop is about how God turns our ashes into Glory.

Topics in this Workshop:

We are God's Letter

Framework of Redemption

We are Royalty

He uses our brokenness

The Word that Transforms us

The Blessing comes to us and others



Exposing Bitterroot Strongholds

Have you ever said something like, "I will never do to my kids what my parents did to me", only to your chagrin that you repeated the same things. This workshop is about why we do things we do not want to do. The spiritual dynamics that make us repeat what we disliked in our parents. We will discover exactly what our core beliefs are about ourselves and others and how those beliefs affect our everyday lives. Probably one of the most powerful workshops to produce change in our personal lives, marriages, and families.

Topics in the Workshop:

What are strongholds

How to get rid of destructive habits

Understanding between Law and Grace

The energy source behind our bitterroot judgments

Dealing with ungodly expectations

Renew by the transformation of our minds

The road to healing

Conquering Codependency

This workshop will help bring clarity and understanding to the term "codependency" and how it affects so many lives. The term was originated in the 1970's to describe a spiritual, emotional, and psychological syndrome that was first identified among family members of chemical dependents. It has been said that the chemically dependent person directly affects 4 to 6 people that around their life. This mostly takes place in family units but can and most often broaden into our aspects of life like their employment, church life, personal friends, and standing in the community. The circumstance that surrounds codependency is vast and causes significant unresolved hurt, anger, fear, and anxiety. The workshop is designed to help identify those causes and patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that bring destruction into a person's life. This workshop is a Christ-centered approach to overcoming codependency and its affects on a person life.

Topics to be covered:

What is Codependency?

Describing what a dysfunctional and functional family looks like

Defining important concepts of habits, powerlessness, denial, and control

Characteristics of Codependency

False Identity and getting to know yourself

Working on False beliefs

Dealing with hurt, anger and guilt

Breaking out of the "no talk rule" Learning to talk, feel, and trust

Depending on Jesus Christ to restore your spiritual and emotional health



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